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I'm sad to say this, but I'm not posting on this account anymore. I simply don't have the time to post anymore on top of everything happening at the moment. I'm really sad about this, but there is no point only posting once a day. Thanks to everyone that has helped me out especially @heelarmy . Everyone who has helped me out or just been constantly liking and commenting or nice to me is Tagged. Peace Out ✌️ TheWrestlingMonarchy

Gooooooooooldberg 🔥

Congrats for these two on there engagement 💍 @realpaigewwe @el_patron_alberto

SD wins and takes Sami, Cesaro and someone else 🙏🏽

Feel like this account is slowly dying 😣😬😣 Anyway let's just look at the Queen, with what will be her crown 🙌🏽

😂😂😂 Sorry for not posting a lot in the past 5 days! Will try get back to posting more soon 🙏🏽

Have Mercy 😍

Similarities 😂😂

What are your thoughts on Ziggler? I like him, but I'm disappointed that he hasn't won the WWE Championship 😬

That's why I love Kevin 😂💯🍁 Credit: @scottlesh724

Not sure about this 😬 Head over to @thewrestlingclassic and read some of his posts, I think what he said would be much better than what happened with Goldberg announcing his return on Twitter 👎🏾

About time 👍🏾 Super stoked that Harper is on SD!

Wtf! Why did Alexa lose? This is bullshit! 😡

And still your WWE World Champion 💯

How long do you think Roman will hold the U.S title for? All the way to WrestleMania?

Please 🙏🏽😍🙏🏽 @alexa_bliss_wwe_