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Well, I'm back in Canada with a bang. Today I went out to Whole Circle Farm to learn about organic farming and much more. I was joined by Peter, the founder of the @torontogarlicfestival as well as some fantastic brewers and cooks from @elorabrewingcompany! It's nice to be back in Ontario, and I'm realizing this is going to be a really fertile place for my blog and freelance writing career, no pun intended!

Kandy’s central market is a bustling area anytime of the day, but has the best buys in the morning. #travel #Asia #SouthAsia #SriLanka #photography

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I have been so close to deleting all of my social media accounts over the past week. I took a couple of days of not posting to really think about my intentions and what I'm trying to achieve on Instagram/Facebook. I'm not going to lie, the past month has been INCREDIBLY difficult. things have gone on in the past month-three months that people would probably be shocked if they knew. for one thing, I was cyber bullied this past week --- about my photography. and it totally killed any confidence or strength I thought I had. and it sucked. especially when I am in the middle of editing one wedding and was asked to do another in a couple weeks. that is just one example but I have truly felt like it has been one thing after another during the past few months. and the reality is, is that I haven't been on here as much because I didn't have some wisdom to give myself or anyone else. I didn't have some lesson learned from it or some amazing moment that helped me make sense of everything. And I still don't. but sometimes that's life. sometimes you don't have an answer, sometimes you don't understand why people treat you so terribly (on purpose) and sometimes you just don't have something good to say at the time. and that's where I am. sure I have so many blessings, and I truly see them everyday -- which is why I'm losing these pictures I took today. because he is the biggest blessing. but that doesn't mean that the trials hitting me back to back don't impact me, because they do. but life goes on, and I still have responsibilities and a life to live. but I'm grateful for my little family who is there for me, each and everyday. . . . . . #streetstyle #personalstyle #thatsdarling #fastfood #inspiration #authentic #doitfortheasthetic #minimalism #foodie #vsco #vscocam #vscoedit #candidchildhood #homecoming #beachbody #instabest #vacationtime #coastalliving #flightattendant #pnw #pdx #flight #ohheymama #outdoors #vscomom #ig_motherhood #travelphotography #travels #travelpics #travel

🌙✨💤Перед сном расскажу о #Tenerife, одном из 7 Канарских островов бесконечного лета) Вулкан Тейде на острове Тенерифе – самая высокая точка Испании. Те, кто побывал у кратера вулкана Тейде на высоте почти 4000 метров, говорят, что побывать там, словно дотронуться до небес. А на вершине вид настолько захватывает, что забываешь обо всем на свете. Голубые лагуны, не могу забыть захватывающие виды, вулканический песок и 14 лучших пляжей мира здесь) 💭🛫Горные массивы с бесконечными серпантинами и многое, многое другое) #Spain #goodnight #goodmorningworld #travelpics #bestmoments 💟

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