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Nice when you can find new treats in your own backyard. Especially the 40oz kind! #food #foodie #foodporn #steak #beef #dinner #porterhouse #kentucky #lexingtonky #kentuckykicksass

There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing our greatest passion with others, especially if it can be of benefit in some way. The more opportunities I have to share my love of cooking, the more I remember my experiences in high school doing #4h demonstrations and workshops around cooking. I realize that this love has been a part of me for so long.

love tuesday nights with my ladies. 🥃✨

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Bedazzled jewels and bellies. We love this maternity image by @colleyportraitandart. #kentuckyphotographer

Glamour Shot ready for print

We have the cutest, most amazing travel size #Amika dry shampoo ornaments in for the holidays and they won’t last long! Stop by to pick yours up today!

@gunthorpfarms pork collar | roasted carrot | tomato preserves | olives | lentils | cumin & mustard rubbed onions

Repost from @gotolouisville of the Jack-O-Lantern spectacular happening NOW through Nov. 5th at Iroquois Park. See over 5,000 carved pumpkins... “Trust is. It’s lit.” 🎃. . . #kentuckykicksass #kentuckyforkentucky #kentucky #explorekentucky #louisville #lovelouisville #theville #sharelouisville

I am so excited to share some of my favorites from this sweet and special day!! Violet & Taylor, I am SO happy for you both. Thank you for trusting me to capture such an important day. I am so excited to see your marriage flourish and grow. You both are awesome people who deserve the best life. ❤️

A full pour is the sign of a good host. That’s the Kentucky way - #kentuckystraightbourbonwhiskey

Bloody Butcher's Creed Whisky! A truely handmade Product! We grow the corn, cook, ferment and distill it and THEN we bottle and label it by hand! #handmade #kentuckykicksass #graintoglass

Think the children’s boots were cute? We have great adult boots too! Link in bio. #asbmuseum

Here's an old photo of miles not making sense. See ya next month bud #kentuckykicksass #35mm

Cat feet 🐾 Legacy socks for him & her 👉

“I was on a grey hound bus when I got busted - 687,000 dollars cash, vacuum-sealed, in a suitcase. I used to run money from here to New York. A whole lot of money. They called me the donkey.”