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'Commodities' 2017, paint on found objects. #paint #feministart #bodies #contemporaryart #art This artwork questions the western society values of women past and present as commodities. Placing the sexualised bodies in objects connected to food, an edible connotation connects to the imagery. The work is to lead to questioning of these values, defying the pleasant aesthetic of the work.

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“Me too. What now?” — This will be a series featured in the second issue of our feminasty zine. If you’d like to be included in the conversation, simply comment below with an experience, opinion, setback, information referral, or just general support. — We are so, indescribably proud of everyone who has come forward to report or disclose their sexual assault – but now, moving forward, what do we do? What can we do? — The Zine. Volume II. FEMINASTY X “I AM NOT A FEMINIST” Zine submissions are still open until OCTOBER 16TH. Email feminastywomen ||| tags: #feminist #blogging #blogger #blog #intersectionality #intersectionalfeminism #womensrights #feministmovement #respect #empowerment #yesallwomen #feministquotes #feministart #misogyny #vlog #vlogger #youtube #selfpublishing #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerofig #spilledink #spilledwords #poetrycommunity #poetry #zine #blogger #blogpost #bloggers

this saturday we're partnering with @shop_curio to host our first ever girls & glory event 😱 we're so stoked to be able to work with curio's owner @jessicabovee + help with making her incredible boutique a community space for women! we're also happy to announce that our girl power discussion panel will feature this intelligent, innovative, and beautiful soul @sarahzolly who'll be talking about her creation @neothreadco + fostering healthy spaces for girls in our city of albuquerque. if you're in ABQ or anywhere near, please join us. we're also collecting items to benefit Enlace Comunitario--an organization dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in Latinx communities. PS: treats supplied by @plantysweet + a whole lotta love ✨ all gender identities welcome.

"Feminist Art is all the stages of a woman giving birth to herself." #feministart #judychicago #repgender106

This is for the times that I've been grabbed while walking in my own neighborhood. For the times I've been followed home. For the times that I've had to decide to put in my earphones with the volume all the way up to block out inappropriate comments and risk being snuck up on. For the times that I said nothing and he heard yes. This is for my sisters who have experienced this and so, so much worse. Me too.

On January 20th, 2003, Jody Lynn Bowman shot and killed her boyfriend when she caught him in the act of molesting her daughter. Bowman was a biker, and the couple kept a collection of guns in the house. During her trial, Bowman maintained that she had intentionally shot him, and a Florida jury agreed he would not be missed. She was acquitted in 2004. 🗑 Jody Lynn Bowman #2, Amanda Kirkhuff 2013, graphite on paper, 33" x 50" 🏍 #biker #queerart #largescaledrawing #pencilonpaper #graphite #leather #icon #feministart #drawing #jodylynnbowman #realism #florida #floridawoman #contemporaryart #fineart #amandakirkhuff

I declare! $2 or 3 for $5. EZ PayPal and reasonable shipping. DM me for info. Exercise your First Amendment rights with buttons every day! #fucktrump #resist #resistance #resistanceart #artsandcrafts #atheist #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #lgbtqresistance #feministart #refugeeswelcome #antifa

if my joint pain emitted rainbows 🌈

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The latest pair of shoes (still in progress) from the Vagina Slipper series! I may have to make a third one because the first one the straps stretched out while I was figuring out the construction of them. #shoefetish #objectificationofwomen #ceramicsculpture #fashiondesigns #feministart #denverartist

Props on display for this surreal feast/beast! First reading complete! Feeling grateful and excited to be working with the forces that are @nataliehegg and @la_santa_verita and to @caborcanyc for producing my work! #experimentaltheatre #experimentalfilm #feministart #femaledirector

New dimension II Each day we choose the dimension we live in... It can be the dimension that the system wants us to blindly believe in - the dimension of fear, depression and insecurities. However, we might choose to listen to our soul, to let ourselves fly, to built our own dimension filled with the spirit of fairy tales.

I have a poetry class of 6 students. Last week they could write a slam piece about anything they wanted. 4 of them wrote about sexual assault. 66%. These were personal poems. The instructions were “Write your Truth. Stand in your Truth.” I cannot say #metoo. While I’m glad for this, it hurts to admit. It hurts that there are post after post after post of #metoos and those fill my feed. It breaks my heart we are in a place as a society where women are just now breaking silence after silence after silence and sharing stories after stories after stories of their #metoo #metoo #metoo. I am grateful I don’t have a #metoo. I hate that I feel like an anomaly. I feel lucky to have been raised by parents who told me from the time I could comprehend it to stand up, speak up and defend myself. I was the person in class who was often told to stop asking “why?” Maybe my loud voice saved me or the constant reminders from my parents that I was worth more than any man who would treat me badly. But really, I’m probabaly just lucky. It probably has nothing to do with my nature, it’s probably just sheer coincidence that I’m able to say I haven’t been the victim of sexual abuse. I’ve been made to feel crappy, alone, hurt, stupid and insignificant. I’ve been told I’m a dumb white girl from Michigan and that I need to close my mouth. But I haven’t been physically assaulted. And that feel good. But it feels so bad too. We have so far to come. We can shake our head at Harvey Weinstein. We can watch as stories come to light. We can cringe as we hear the details. We can encourage women to speak up. But we cannot say we were not warned. We cannot say we are surprised. We cannot say we are not teaching our women to accept fear. We cannot say we are educating our boys. Because simply—the statistics show we are not. We are failing an entire section of our society. As of this post there are over 400,000 #metoo posts on Instagram. There are more on Twitter. There are more, more, more that are silenced because they come from developing areas where assault on women is so normal that hash tagging something #metoo would make no sense to anyone.

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