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Thanks to two super awesome women who nominated me for Rookie Of The Year at the CMDC Young Blood Awards! 🏆🍷 #digitalmarketing #ididntwin #butigotacookiewithmyfaceonit

Happy birthday @thealidavies you rock, never change! 💖 here are some of our finest moments from your 25th year of life. cheers to making more memories in your 26th! 🍷🍾🌮🤘🏼👯

apples of my eye 🍎 #chudleigh

shaynanigans 🎬 #tiff

always blocking out the h8ters, also happy birthday alex and alley! 🥂💖🍾 #girlsonly #youcantsitwithusrieger

10/10 would not recommend making the last stop on your backyard wine tour a roof. 🍷 #winedown #shaydown #longweekend #finalfinalcottage

the only reason I would miss Game of Thrones is for @lukebryan + @bootsandhearts ☀️⛺️🍻 #bootsandhearts2017

A lil boom never hurt no body. 💖🍻 @jessicaivyjohnson ya trained the best girls! #boots2017 @em_s_33 thanks @jennifer__x0 📸

a very creative and original photo idea. 🐬☀️

when your work party is as extra as you are. 🌴🌴

Another one. 🛥

I hope Canada had as much fun celebrating its birthday as I did. 🍁🍻🎸 #canada150 #trackside

Living beside BMO Field this summer is gonna be dangerous. ⚽️🍺 #torontofc #tfc

The loosing streak continues! ⚾️🦃 #turkeyfest #brewjays #gobblegobble

Move to one of the most expensive cities in Canada✔️ Decide to go back to school✔️ Work as many jobs as possible to pay for everything✔️ Graduate with Honors ✔️ It's never to late to surprise yourself! 🎓🍾🎉 #HumberConvo #BusinessMarketing

Congratulations to this handsome man and all his classmates on officially graduating from your MBA! 🎓🍾 #MacGrad2017 #DeGrooteSchoolOfBusiness

Many falls but zero prop kicking. 🛶🍻 #propstock2017

Still recovering from the wonderful and wild weekend with some my favorite ladies visiting me. ❤️😊🍷 #distillerydistrict #ago #georgiaokeeffe

We clean up alright, alright, alright. 😏 Celebrating a beautiful day for the beautiful couple @jord.taylor & @freeta7 💘🥂💍 #happilyeverfreitas