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#DoneMeWell by @fidocleff sweet song of testimony and praise to the Monarch of the universe, it's time to testify yeebaaaly people. Link on his bio

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It's hot, it's fresh, it's refreshing; the shine shine boss just blessed the world with this one #youhavedonemewell #latest #album. Go cop link on his bio @obishine

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The air I breathe" by Jerry K video is out!!! worship Him in the beauty of His holiness as you watch and spread the good news.. Indeed HE (Jesus) is the air that we breathe. Link in his bio @jkwealth

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Still 🔥 and trending @testimony_jaga #igara video... Link on his bio

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Thankful thankful thankful!!!! For it is a Gud thing to give thanks #Uwese New jam from @protekniks DL links on his bio

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Learn to get wild in the spirit, if you get wild in the spirit you'll not need to get wild physically outside cos you've handled the situation on the inside #PastorChris #Rhema #Boldness #Shout #Roar #Glorayyy #Yeebaaa #T.A.K #Themandatewitht.a.k02 loading....

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Learn to manage your mouth and your life will sort itself out. The primary purpose for words is for creation not communication #SpeakCreativeWords #Yeebaaa #Themandatewithtak02 Loading...

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Happy glorious yeebaaalicious Birthday to you sir most Rev Tom. We are a life that you've touched. Thank you for those precious words of Wisdom and love you continually shower on us. We celebrate and salute sir. T.A.K loves you yeebaaaly sir

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 15TH AUGUST. I affirm that my life is for the glory of God. I walk day after day by the light of God’s Word. I’m not moved by the natural circumstances that exist in the world. God’s Word is the light by which I operate in my job, finances, family and everything that concerns me. I'm aware of God’s bountiful provisions for me, and I’m enjoying them because I see by the greater light of His Word. Hallelujah. The Word of God has given me a different mindset; therefore, I know what to say, and I know when to say what I should say and the way it should be said. When I speak to people, I bring out the best in them and minister grace to their hearts. I am backed by God to rule and dominate my world with His Word. The Word of faith is in my heart and my mouth; as I speak it forth, it produces the desired result. I am obtaining promises, producing righteousness everywhere I go and effecting great changes by the Word of God through faith. I am not of this world; through faith, I’ve overcome the world! Glory to God. Hallelujah This is something to shout about. Keep saying it, don't stop talking it. Remember, your mouth is the front or edge of a weapon. Refuse to be quiet #Themandatewithtak02 Loading....... Stay tuned for D date time and venue 😀😀😀 it just might be in your area🤐 #wepreachJesus #Soulwinningisourlifestyle #WeFlourishingYeebaaaly

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You’re secured in the Father’s love; take advantage of His everlasting love for you. He loves you as though you were the only one on earth! Not only is His love for you without limits, it’s also unconditional. The Bible says, “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins” (1 John 4:10). Clearly, He demonstrated His boundless love for us, even while we were yet in sin. Have faith in that love, for it’s been poured out abundantly for you.

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#tbt @ceibadannorth NOBSI Praising Him #TheMonarchofDUniverse is what we know to do best. Shining THE 💡 💡 💡 of This glorious gospel ever so brightly to our world #Themandatewithtak02 loading....... #staytuned for more updates.....

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@chrisshalom_thegoldenvoice thank u so much for honoring us with your esteemed presence at the maiden edition of #Themandatewithtak01 all souls won were in church the next day and already are burning with fire to take their world for JESUS especially the Muslim converts. And yes the stars are shining 🔆 🔆 🔆 brightly... More testimonies loading....

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Happy glorious yeebaaalicious Birthday to you @carissasharon keep flourishing. T.A.K loves you yeebaaaly

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