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I didn't realise how much I needed another creative outlet until now. I'm well and truly hooked 😍

Saturday clean 😍

Seriously missing my best bud 💕 @montanabyne

Melting hearts @blaizegerrand 💕

Finally looking the way I wanted it too. Thanks for the help @vinniekeach 😍 #familywag #mazda #mazdaprotege5

3:13pm - Studio (empty).

We did it! 🎓Seriously so much love for you @montanabyne 💕

Hold those who you love a little bit tighter when you see them next. Remind them that they aren't alone and that they have you. This week has taught me to be thankful and appreciative of all the amazing people in my life. 💕 @sleexoxo @sezzmckenzie and everyone else x

Evening light on my babies 🌵🌿

5 years later 💕💕

It's the last day for our graduate exhibition EXPOSURE! Come have a look 😬

My final work for the Massey graduate exhibition 2016. This ends my four years of study here in Wellington. Cheers Massey, you've been a treat!

Selling some small works to fund my final project - let me know if you're after one 😘

This is a sculpture / this is a painting

Beaut day for a drive around the bays 😍 #Mazda #protege5

Loves a good art sharn. (shit yarn)

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful exhibition opening last night! A special thanks to my beautiful family and friends both in Wellington, and in spirit from back home. I could not have done this without your love and encouragement! 💛💛

Three new works ~