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21:Stick #onroad #hustle

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#process B4 After

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On grind. Common much Flip my miracle. #grind #🚕

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# :808: migo #June #an #dot #coop #Quan #type #faraway Sps Speak in triplicate

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Up a.Iam.com all rite. Club up.

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St8 out the #bag

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Slippery finger rings straight Triple Ring #stomach #gun 🔫 #evil formal matters straight speaking #slippery #bet #on #me #5thavenue #hammer 🔨 #lobby #17:5 #pit #👀

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Shadows rising. Live life. B4 its too late. #drugs #camera #action

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Speak to the drop event in the cockpit Braid to the bezel peep in the chasim 12 rack Mack in_tosh​ The beat on snow Moneybee Spanish Holding people for ransom I landed the plan ISS not the same. #iss #us #yuki #ispy #chingona Tellin stories #plussizefashion

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The universe as most of us know it has ended some time ago the current status of our existence is being controlled or programed with nostelgia, because distance and what might have existed. Our past is being created in our minds as yesterday never happened, most of us never leave.. our memories were implanted into this existance. something is not right I have passed and came away not supposed to exist in this time.

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Mandela effect in full simulation of time travel with different parallel universes to be combined in ones mind different states of planes 800 and 60th parallel sent back to correct. Remembering things that once were seem so different now it's not just you. #mandelaeffect

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Israel kin rest for me -- can't explain feelings and Thyme wrapped for two signed. check to talk Beck's tart flash for tomorrow. Vancouver was a test or the reality of life and X to come. Allow life. Hai is the grade of this journey. Eastern Waze, Eastern Jesus is 👍 Khan War Lord streaming to Iran. play settings and spine. beginning production of life. sold, NO! forever saved, lost in the weighs of mend. robbed of full crime / Waterline blind. turned thought-provoking tonight. #fall #no🚫me😌importa🙈nada💪🏽

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#winged #lion #hydrographics Selling to Apace

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9 sees R6 Stress to fire. To know #harvest. This is not the day 🌟 Finish lines of ❄ #designer of life. Road is wide #wildside Born 2 # die

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Cold to square never again, another reason if destiny. Hiding to cry, don't know why. Be sprite, bum jobs, tables robbed. Broken Hearts to fall in parts, 7th screen, rolling stoned. Rings of a few, birds to none. #simple #data #30 days #talking #head

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#TNG NO I U #crowdpleaser #slowmotion 🐌 most Who is he is u is me. #% &get out haksi L #ove

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#caugahr7 Me caught u #shadows & #light #lightskin of time swelling Rappu in motion lik3 this for physical minds  The ultra aura color for a powerful healer. You help others discover their inner truths. Usually found in doctors, healers and counselors.

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